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Dilan Toptaş, who lives in Şanlıurfa’s Siverek district and works as a midwife at Ardahan State Hospital, was shot in the head in the car of her boyfriend, guard Halil İbrahim Sert, who was a guard on 30 August 2020, and then the car crashed into the middle refuge.

While the young woman died, her boyfriend Sert was detained. Hard put to the prison in Van, about the “intentional killing” and “Evidence darken” were indicted on charges.

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Stating that Sert, who was blamed for the death of his sister, gave contradictory statements, Toptaş said, “In his first statement, hard, ‘Dilan asked me for a mask. While I was taking off the mask in the torpedo, the gun was there. I took the gun with me. The gun was in my left hand. I held it with my right hand, I don’t know how it exploded at that time.” In his later statement, ‘We were cruising in the car with Dilan and while trying to get a mask from the torpedo, I asked him to take the gun in the torpedo and put the gun that he should not play for him. The gun caught fire and was hit in the head. I checked the Naz and it was covered in blood, about two minutes later I crashed into the median and crashed. These are contradictory statements. We do not want to be evacuated, “he said.

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According to Sabah’s report, her sister Hüsniye Toptaş, who pointed out that she tried to make the murder look like an ‘accident’ after shooting and killing Dilan Toptaş with a gun in her vehicle, said: “We attended the last hearing and the suspect’s comfortable attitudes and contradictory statements made us uncomfortable. He said that my brother shot himself while playing with a gun, my sister had read the midwife was not someone to play with a gun. He was afraid of guns, he was a person who was afraid of even a knife, my younger brother, 27, was murdered and we do not want the incident to be covered, we just want justice to be served.
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