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While the strain of health systems, especially in Europe, was followed by the whole world, a new bad news came from France. After the corona virus mutations detected in England, South Africa and Brazil, a new mutation also appeared in France. In the statement made by the French Ministry of Health, it was stated that a new Covid-19 mutation was detected in the Brittany region.

The Ministry noted that the new mutation was seen in a group of cases in a hospital in Lannion. It was stated that there is no data showing that it is more fatal or contagious.

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The Minister of Health in Brazil has changed for the 4th time. It was reported that the total number of cases reached 4 million 78 thousand 133. In the country where 333 people died in the last 24 hours due to Covid-19, it was reported that the total loss of life from the virus increased to 90,762.

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