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The mining worker Yalçın K. (43), the father of two children, working at the TTK Üzülmez Directorate, was attacked at night when he came to his house from his workplace. Police teams and medical teams were dispatched to the scene. However, mine worker Yalçın K. died despite all the interventions made at the scene.

The statements of family members were also used in the investigation into the murder. It was alleged that Yalçın K.’s 17-year-old son, E.K., who was cross-interrogated, confessed that he had a conflict with his father Yalçın K. Detained by the teams, E.K. was brought to the Public Prosecutor’s Office after his statements at the police station. Here, too, a practice was made for the suspect, whose testimony was taken, at the scene of the incident and around their homes. Teams affiliated to the Crime Scene Investigation Branch Directorate also took part in the drill at the scene.

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The suspect was brought to an abandoned building 500 meters from their home where the incident took place. The teams pulling lanes in front of and around the building, entered the E.K. He drilled with him. Answering some of the questions asked here, the suspicious teenager was then brought to the house where they lived. The expedition left the scene after their examinations there. He was arrested and sent to prison by the Zonguldak Courthouse, where he was released on the grounds that E.K.’s father Yalçın K. was killed by shooting.


It was revealed that E.K., son of mine worker Yalçın K. (43), who lost his life, previously shared “Father is heart, his shadow is enough” on his social media account. On the other hand, the son of the mine worker E.K. It was learned that there is a workplace where they sell goods in the district.

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