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Fenerbahce goalkeeper Altai flourishing, Ziraat Turkey Cup 5th round I they encounter in the 2nd League seeing the 28th minute red card Karacabey Belediyespor match of the Red Group team team left 10 people. Reviews to PLAY in Altay BAYINDIR GAZIANTEP FK MATCH Is it? Fenerbahce goalkeeper Altay Bayındır, Karacabey Belediyespor was out of the game with the red card he saw in the 28th minute of the fight. Altay Bayındır, who left his castle in the long pass of Karacabey player Abdullah, faced Ömer Çetinbaş, who wanted to have the ball. Altay was punished with a red card directly by the referee Emre Kargın after the manual intervention he made while trying to remove the ball. As a result of this card, while Altay was out of the field, Ömer Faruk Beyaz was taken from the fight and Oytun Özdoğan went to the castle. Bayındır will not be able to take part in the Gazientep FK match that will be played on the road in the 13th week of the league.
WHAT DOES THE FOOTBALL DISCIPLINE INSTRUCTIONS SAY? “Article 94 – Dismissal of Persons (1) In official competitions, players who are dismissed from the game by showing a red card by the referee have administrative precaution, without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 5, and they cannot play in any official competition until their penalty expires. (5) In official competitions, due to the second yellow card. Players who are dismissed from the game are automatically suspended in the following competition in the same category. Until the execution of the aforementioned penalty is executed, they may also play in competitions in other categories, unless they have been penalized by disciplinary boards. “

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