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Match result: Fenerbahçe 1-2 Gençlerbirliği

84 ‘Mugni touched the ball that was turned from the right wing in the fast-growing Gençlerbirliği attack, in a facing position Altay did not allow the goal at the last minute.

77 ‘Ferdi, who met with the ball on the right wing, turned to the penalty area, but he has no friends at the point he sent.

73 ‘In the corner used by Fenerbahçe from the left wing, Serdar touched the back pole, but the ball went auta in an interesting way.

68 ‘Candeias sent the penalty area from the right wing in Gençlerbirliği attack Lima moved but the position was offside.

63 ‘Goal … Fenerbahçe 1-2 Gençlerbirliği (Ayite)

60 ‘Moving behind the defense, Samatta turned from the line to the inside of the right wing, Arda put a foot and sent the ball to the corner.

51 ‘Meeting with the ball across the penalty area in Gençlerbirliği attack, Ayite thought of the castle and the ball returned without defense.

46 ‘The second half started.

Half time result: Fenerbahçe 1-1 Gençlerbirliği

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42 ‘In Candeias’ pass during the fast-growing Gençlerbirliği attack, Lima met the ball on the penalty area front line and remained in Altay when the ball opened a little more than his foot in the facing position.

39 ‘Goal … Fenerbahçe 1-1 Gençlerbirliği (Serdar Aziz k.k)

35 ‘Goal … Fenerbahçe 1-0 Gençlerbirliği (Novak)

33 ‘The ball that Sosa turned from the right wing to the penalty area is back from the defense again.

21 ‘Samuel, who met with the ball on the right wing, thought of Novak on the other wing, but his pass quickly went out.

14 ‘In the corner that Sosa used from the right wing, Szalai turned to the back post. When Serdar could not touch the ball was left to the goalkeeper.

11 ‘Samuel, who met the ball on the right wing on Gustavo’s pass, entered the penalty area and hit it diagonally Nordfeldt cornered the ball at the last moment.

1 ‘The match has started.

Fenerbahçe, which continues its stubbornness by returning from Konya with a victory, is hosting Gençlerbirliği, who anchored to the bottom of the league in the 30th week.

Fenerbahçe comes face to face at Gençlerbirliği Ülker Stadium. The last match on Sunday started at 19:00 and is broadcast live on beIN Sports 1 screens.


Fenerbahçe: Altay, Gökhan, Serdar, Attila, Novak, Gustavo, Sosa, Mert Hakan, Osayi, Pelkas, Thiam

Gençlerbirliği: Nordfeldt, Johansson, Arda, Musta, Halil İbrahim, Soner, Piris, Murat, Candeias, Ayite, Sandro

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