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In the case against the allegations of “match fixing in football”, which started to be seen again after the decision of the Supreme Court of Appeals, the decision was made.
Former Fenerbahçe Sports Club President Aziz Yıldırım, Fenerbahçe former manager Şekip Mosturoğlu, Sivasspor Club President Mecnun Otyakmaz and former football player Ümit Karan A verdict of acquittal of 23 defendants including “match fixing” and “incentive premium” was made. On the other hand, two defendants were sentenced for extraordinary crimes.
Following this decision, Trabzonspor Club said, ‘Karakomik film: We are cleared!’ He published an article entitled We were cleared.
It was necessary to make a statement on the perception of ‘immaculate’ that was tried to be created in the public opinion regarding the acquittal decisions of the Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court regarding the Match-fixing Case. > We would like to state that we find it ‘karakomic’ for those who did not deny their voice recordings, location reports, money traffic, even some defendants who did not deny the punishment they would receive at the end of the trial and postponed the announcement of the verdict. . We would also like to remind you that those who brought the sentence they received to the Court of Cassation as a result of the trial of that period did not mention the falsehood of the tapes or the documents in the file! After the attempt, we watched them change their ranks as an example. Yesterday, we watched with shame that those who said “conspiracy” and “fake” to the documents they did not deny in the handicapping file, and those who said “fake”, complained to UEFA with those documents and fell into their inability to “match fixing at Trabzonspor”. We have watched with astonishment the lies of those who were sentenced for match-fixing actions in UEFA, CAS, Swiss Federal Court and TFF saying “they will crack” to their public opinion.
There has been neither a crack nor an explosion in the past time! There was only one truth: Fenerbahce had made fixation against Trabzonspor!
Today, the fact of match-fixing in sportive trial will not change regardless of which criminal court is acquitted. Because criminal trial and sportive trial are extraordinary from each other. Their lawyers know this very well.
Courts are the conscience of society! In front of the eyes of the world, the match-fixing against Trabzonspor in the 2010-2011 season is known to everyone. It is also obvious that the match-fixing cannot be eliminated by the decisions of the criminal court. This situation is clearly expressed in the decisions of both UEFA and CAS.
Paragraph 267 of the reasoned decision prepared by CAS as a result of the judgment regarding the match-fixing actions for the 2010-2011 season: “Even if the Turkish Supreme Court acquiesces all persons, this situation, will not affect our decision. “
Respectfully to the public …

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