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Meeting with the club members at the Renaissance Polat Istanbul Hotel with the names on the candidate list, Öztürk made a statement about his projects and goals.


Öztürk, stating that they will enter the election with an action list, said, “If the general assembly of Galatasaray shows favor, our main goal is to eliminate the bank debts and interests, which are the main problem of the club, within three years. If we achieve even half of this, we will go down in history. The first action we will do Fatih (Terim) Our goal is to strengthen his hand. Galatasaray is already a group of stars. It will always need new stars according to needs. Our main goal is to take into account the economy of Galatasaray and the new stars that will excite the fans. to activate, to pay the players’ money on time, to never leave Galatasaray face to face with the fields that resemble swamps. ” he spoke.


Fatih Terim evaluated the defeat of Çaykur Rizespor

Text Öztürk, who stated that they received proposals from other candidates to enter the election together, said, “It is very normal for us to come to ‘unite’. It is very normal to come. Because every Galatasaray residents, everyone who aspires to the administration is very respected. These are not wrong things. My personal opinion is nothing wrong with making many candidates. So “We 4-5 candidates unite against another candidate, defeat him.” If we win the election, we will not only act with our team of 48 people, we will also invite the teams of other presidential candidates to the task. ” used expressions.

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Metin Öztürk, emphasizing that the current management has shown their best efforts, “It is obvious that they are not successful in basketball. It may be. We are heading towards a goal in football. We have prepared the sponsors of all amateur branches, we shook hands. If we come to the management, amateur branches will be roasted with their own sponsors and their own oil. Or it will not have a burden on the other side. Amateurs will no longer be a burden on football. ” expressed his opinion.

Expressing that they will achieve great success with coach Fatih Terim if they are elected, Öztürk said, “If the name of Alex Ferguson is given to the tribune at Manchester United, why is the name of Fatih Terim not in the stands? Why is the name of my opponent’s stadium Fatih Terim? Fatih Terim is not in a stadium, but not in the Galatasaray tribune. Fatih Terim will achieve great success with us in these three years. Because we will be in the area that provides him with comfort. We will watch a Galatasaray crushing his opponents. In three years, I will not be a candidate again. ” found the evaluation.

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