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Mesut Urgancılar, who published a written statement, said, “We are waiting for the Tofaş match to be registered in our favor. The chief referee of the match made a clear rule error with his authorization. I believe that TBF will register the match in our favor and provide justice.” used the expressions.

Noting that they will not accept the decision of replaying the match, Urgancılar said, “The rightful victory of our athletes, each of which is a separate national fortune, by shedding sweat should not be taken away with an unprecedented practice in basketball history. found the evaluation.

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Besiktas Icrypex got ahead 89-88 with a black-and-white player Ercan Osmani in the match he played with Tofaş, but the referee team, who watched the position again, canceled the basket on the grounds that the player stepped on the line and the ball was out. While Tofaş left the field as 89-86 victorious with a single point from foul shots in the last 2 seconds, the black and white club applied to TBF on the grounds of “rule error”.

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