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Sivasspor coach Rıza Çalımbay said that he trusts his team until the end when they will play away with the Israeli representative Maccabi Tel-Aviv in the UEFA Europa League I Group.

Çalımbay, whose quarantine process continues due to the coronavirus he was caught, made an assessment to the AA reporter about the Maccabi Tel-Aviv match that will determine the course of the UEFA Europa League.
Stating that they wanted to do their best as a team in their last matches in the group, Çalımbay pointed out that they appeared in many matches this season with missing squads due to injuries and coronavirus.


Çalımbay complained that they could not play with the ideal team in the Super League and the UEFA Europa League, We have never been defeated in the league. We’ll be even better. ” said.

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Emphasizing that the road maps in the UEFA Europa League will be determined by the away match against Maccabi Tel-Aviv, Çalımbay said:


“I believe and trust my team to the end. If we can get there without injury, we will have better chances against Maccabi Tel-Aviv. Our only problem is not being able to get on the field once with our ideal squad. This is the only problem in the team, it’s something else. Sivasspor has always done good things, I hope we will do the same this year. “

Rıza Çalımbay, referring to the coronavirus cases in the team, “We have been very careful about everything since the day this epidemic broke out. Unfortunately, the epidemic came and found us. Not only us, but also every team. We always take the necessary measures to the end. We will continue to buy as much as. “.

In the match that will start at 23:00 tomorrow at Bloomfield Stadium, Sivasspor, which is in the 3rd place in the group with 6 points, will stay in the last 32 rounds if it defeats Maccabi Tel-Aviv, which is in the second place.

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