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Playing against Tottenham in the last 16 rounds of the UEFA Europa League, Dinamo Zagreb made a spectacular comeback in the 2-0 rematch, defeating his opponent 3-0 in Orsic’s hat-trick and made it to the quarterfinals.62 and 82, Mislav Orsic. Damir Krznar’s team, who took the match into extra time with his goals, pushed Tottenham out of the cup in extra time. Orsic, who took the stage once again in 106, gave the team a historic victory with his hat-trickle.Mourinho: My players only watched the goals! Dinamo Zagreb made a spectacular comeback, while Jose Mourinho cut the bill to the players after the match. “My team didn’t seem like they were playing a high quality match today. The side wanting more won the match. There was a difference in passion between the two sides. It is not enough to say that I am sorry. Attitude is never discussed and today they beat us with our attitude. Orsic scored three goals and all the players just watched them. ”

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