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According to the allegations, the motorcycle under the management of 68-year-old Behçet Karalar collided with the car under the direction of 39-year-old Doctor AU in Edirne’s İstasyon Mahallesi. Seeing that he was injured, the driver AU took Karalar to a private hospital in his vehicle, without notifying the ambulance and the police. The police teams who came to the scene after the accident report could not find any traces of an accident in their examination at the scene of the accident. In addition, the traffic report could not be prepared because the suspect automobile driver A.U took the injured to the hospital with his own vehicle.

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Doctors said ‘normal death’, family complained While the investigation was continuing, motorbike driver Behçet Karalar died 233 days after the accident. Karalar’s death was recorded as “normal death” by the doctors at the hospital. The family filed a criminal complaint to the Edirne Chief Public Prosecutor stating that Karalar died due to a traffic accident.

The funeral was canceled and the body was sent to autopsy

The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, which started a jet investigation after the family’s complaint, ordered the burials of the deceased Karalar to be stopped and the body to be sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy. Following the prosecutor’s instructions, 45 minutes before the burial, the funeral was canceled and Karalar’s body was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute.

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His death was linked to a traffic accident

In the examination carried out by the Ministry of Justice Forensic Medicine Board, it was unanimously accepted that Behçet’s death occurred as a result of a brain hemorrhage along with a skull fracture and that his death was linked to a traffic accident. In addition, an expert report on the traffic accident was prepared. Prepared report on car drivers Doctors AU principal, motorcycle driver tale of the lost Behcet fret life was stated to be defective.

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Reckless indictment on charges of causing death Prepared

Within the scope of the file, the forensic report, the reports of the traffic accident, the statements received, the minutes and the entire file were prepared by the Edirne Public Prosecutor’s Office for the crime of causing death by negligence. The indictment prepared was accepted by the Edirne 3rd Criminal Court of First Instance. The hearing will be seen in the coming days.

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