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A new page has been added to the scandalous record of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara Netanyahu.

David Arzi, former Vice President of Commercial and Civil Aviation affiliated with Israel Aerospace Industry, stated that Netanyahu made a large-scale legal contract with his wife during his first prime ministry, the 15-page contract to Sara Netanyahu on the intelligence services and appointments in the Israeli army. He claimed that he gave veto power. This claim broke out 10 days before Israel went to early elections for the fourth time in 2 years.

Arzi, who gave a video interview to the famous US-Israeli journalist-writer Dan Raviv, said that he had read the 1999 contract with the permission given by Netanyahu’s lawyer and cousin David Shimron. He explained that the legal agreement signed by the couple gave wide-ranging powers to Sara Netanyahu (pre-marital name Sara Ben-Artzi), including the signing of appointments made to the head of the internal intelligence service Shin Bet, the foreign intelligence service Mossad and the Israeli army (IDF).

According to Arzi, the Israeli Prime Minister, who under the contract promised not to go on a night trip without his professional psychologist spouse, also allowed his wife to attend meetings that were of ‘top secret’ status. The former aviation official stated that when he read the contract, Sara Netanyahu immediately caught his attention with the security investigation clause stating that he could attend all top-secret meetings even though he did not have the right to access.

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“Sara Netanyahu has the authority to approve the appointments of Mossad Chairman, Shin Bet Chairman and Chief of Staff. It is also in writing. Failure to obtain his written consent would be a violation of the contract,” said Arzi, and said that the prime minister left the reins to his wife in financial matters. >

“There was a very detailed section on the financial issues that Sara would manage. It was written that Benjamin would not have a credit card, only Sara would have a credit card, and if he needed money, his wife would give him.”

As the online publication of Arzi’s interview took the Israeli media by storm, the prime minister’s office said the allegations were completely false and would be referred to the judiciary.

David Shimron, who has been with Netanyahu since his entry into politics in 1988 and manages all of his financial affairs, also announced that he would sue Arzi for libel.

“I have never prepared an agreement between Benyamin-Sara Netanyahu, I have never seen an agreement prepared by someone else, and I have certainly never shown anyone such an agreement.”

However, Netanyahu biographer-journalist Ben Caspit has published the results of Arzi’s last two polygraph tests and made a statement that he was probably telling the truth.

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