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Vincent Aboubakar, who was added to his squad by Beşiktaş without a testimonial from Porto at the beginning of the season, attracted attention with his breakthrough in recent weeks, despite the concerns of his injury. He scored 7 goals in the Super League, 3 of them in the national team and 4 in the Super League with Beşiktaş, while the black-and-whites were excited, while the Porto supporters were the head of the hair. He turned out to be stronger than all strikers. “
” When he left here he was said to be chronically disabled, but our health department was inadequate. The medical department of Porto is doing miracles! “
” The injured Aboubakar scored more goals than our top scorer. ? “
” Is Aboubakar sent for free? He was not called out and played, someone should explain what happened last season. “
” Can we trade with Marega? ” (Marega scored 3 goals in 13 games)
Aboubakar made a history in terms of his career in his previous visit to Beşiktaş. Şenol Güneş, who also made a great contribution to this and made stars, contributed greatly to this. In the meantime, the unfortunate injuries he suffered brought Aboubakar’s football career into question. During the transfer period, daisy fortunes were opened to say ‘Whether we take it or not’, the injury of the Cameroon striker kept the agenda busy for days. Because they made this transfer out of despair. They had to bring a player because the fan pressure was great … The name Aboubakar met the expectations of the fans. The player also knew about this process and the comments made about him that he signed his contract by agreeing to pay money in case of injury. This was the breaking point. Either he would prove himself once more and make history for the second time in Beşiktaş or his football career would end as a chronicly injured and useless player.
So far, everything is working in favor of Aboubakar and Beşiktaş. It is not known what will happen next, but there is a fact that like Aboubakar in 2017, it has already thrown in the hearts of fans.

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