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Aysun Alkan, who has been a beauty expert for 10 years and continues her life in this way, told the UAV reporter about her incidents. Stating that his shop was closed in the first periods when the pandemic started, so he wanted to rent his belongings, Alkan said that a friend had reached him and said that his friend said, “A couple wants to rent their belongings. They will give 10 thousand liras per month.” Stating that he accepted the offer because he needed money at that time, Alkan said, “My friend prepared a contract with his hand. We added everything from the curtain to the garbage can in the contract. In case of not paying the rent, he brought a bill of 200 thousand lira. I believed when I saw them. Transporters took arrive was belongings, “he said.

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after a while suspect cases and Alkan explained that for this reason a friend call again,” I told him I wanted to see the people I hired. They told me ‘okay’ he said And then we could not get in touch. After a while, a teacher with whom I had worked before contacted me. He asked about my belongings and I told them that I rented them. He also told me that my belongings had been sold to me. He even gave me an address. He also said he was a victim. He offered me a partnership and said he would save my money. I accepted it because it was. I worked as a worker for 3 months where I had my own belongings next to them. The person who offered me a partnership was sent to prison for another incident. I didn’t know what to do. Already after me, he did not take the place of business, “he said.

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” Help I’m waiting “

where necessary on the concerned parties Stating that he filed a complaint but there was no result, Alkan stated that he was a victim and expecting help. Noting that he knew where his belongings were but could not get him, Alkan said, “This is my only source of income. I have nobody. I’m fighting alone. Our citizens also be careful. He said, “Nobody should sign any contract without reading it.

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