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In the weekly number of cases table announced by the Minister of Health Koca, the highest increase in the East was in Iğdır. The rate of cases in the city, which was 24.84 per 100 thousand on February 27- March 5, increased to 80.97 per 100 thousand on March 6-12. The rate of cases also increased in Ardahan in the region. The rate of cases in the city, which was 70.71 per 100 thousand last week, increased to 73.93 on March 6-12. The rate of cases in Erzincan, which was 31.14 last week, was announced as 53.75. In Erzurum, the rate of cases, which was 55.22 on February 27-March 5, decreased to 45.63 in the new week. The rate of cases in Muş, which Koca announced as 23.84 last week, rose to 27.24. Case rates decreased in Ağrı and Kars in the region. case rate of 25.27 last week in Kars 24,92’y, while the pain decreased from 24.47 to 22,22’y.

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Erzurum and tradesmen said they were satisfied with the falling number of cases. Stating that everyone should be more careful after this stage, Çiğdem Keleş said, “Our people are very sensitive about this issue. We can see this better in the case table announced. I hope from now on we can lower the number by paying more attention to social distance. We expect this sensitivity in all provinces. I hope good situations will develop on behalf of our country. They take off their masks while entering, and when we make warnings, we get the answer ‘Mask on my arm’. When the places are closed, they are also left outside.

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