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The couple, Volkan-Sevim Atılgan, who came to his family’s house, were found dead in the bathroom by their suspicious mother when they did not leave the bathroom where they were staying for a long time. While the police assess that the incident was caused by the gas leaking from the water heater, the actual causes of death will be determined as a result of autopsy.

Peruze, who lives on the 2nd floor of the 3-storey building on 5176 Street in the Rafet Paşa District of Izmir’s Bornova district, was operated recently. Atılgan called his son Volkan Atılgan (36) and his bride Sevim Atılgan (30) to help him. Realizing that the couple had been in the bathroom for a long time the night before, the mother Atılgan, when there was no sound, knocked on the bathroom door. When on the responsiveness of the pair enters opening the door, found motionless on the floor son and daughter.

3-year-old child hostage aldıtürki to

could not be saved despite all efforts

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Status of the event upon notification instead, the health and police team were dispatched. The couple, whose first response was made at the scene by the medical teams, was taken to Ege University Hospital. The couple, who received a heart massage for about 1 hour by the doctors, could not be saved despite all efforts. The relatives who received the news of the death of the Atılgan couple had a nervous breakdown in the hospital. The lifeless bodies of the Atılgan couple, who were considered to have been poisoned by the gas leaking from the bath water heater, were taken to the morgue of the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute to determine the exact cause of death.

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