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Yilmaz Vural, Fenerbahce’s new transfer Massoud’s largest players have come to Turkey, he said, “Massoud, the biggest star ever to come to Turkey as a career. The world became a champion, European champion (U21), Real Madrid Hagi, Alex was also very important, but his success remains a bit local. “PODOLSKI: HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALITY Lukas Podolski, who plays in Antalyaspor, said,” Mesut will improve the quality of the league. y will move up. However, the match in Turkey was a bit chaotic. Continuous foul happening. Referees game divides. 60 minutes within 90 minutes of football can be played “dedi.lig bRAND vALUE ARTACAKTFF Chairman Nihat Ozdemir said will increase the brand value of the Super League of Mesut Ozil transfer. Özdemir said, “Mesut will increase the rate of watching our League on TV. Not only F. Gardeners, but all football fans will go to stadiums to watch him. It is understood that he will complete his career here. He will also be an example for the youth.” He will later take part in training with the team. The first match of the 32-year-old football player of the second half, which will be played on January 30, Ç. It is stated that he will make siftah with the encounter with Rize.

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