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With the famous businessperson and media boss Necat Gülseven of Mahmut Arslan, the owner of Arbella Gıda, who was sentenced to 3 years and 1 month in prison together with his brothers Hasan and Hüseyin Arslan in the case he was tried by the Mersin 2nd High Criminal Court. It turned out that he was tried for defrauding his brother Besri Gülseven.

‘He transferred fake shares’

In the indictment prepared by the Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office, Mahmut Arslan forged the documents and made a share It was stated that he pretended to be a shareholder in a company he did not own. In the indictment, it was stated that Mahmut Arslan committed the crime of qualified fraud by transferring fake shares he did not own to 3N Media Group Chairman Necat Gülseven and his brother Besri Gülseven. In the indictment, the prosecutor filed a lawsuit against Mahmut Arslan, the owner of Arbella Gıda, with the request of 3 years for forgery of documents in accordance with Article 207 of the TCK, and 10 years for qualified fraud as per Article 158 of the TCK, with a request of up to 13 years in prison.

He did not go to jail for a single day! Now, overseas ban kalktıtürki to

Court ‘should be tried in the heavy criminal court, “he said

Mersin 2. deciding court jurisdiction in the ongoing trial before the Criminal Court Mahmut Arslan He demanded that he be tried in the assize court. The file was sent to Mersin High Criminal Court.

Penalty for FETÖ membership

Mahmut Arslan and his brothers Hasan and Hüseyin Arslan were sent to Mersin 2nd High Criminal Court in February last year. He was sentenced to 3 years and 1 month in prison for being a FETÖ member.

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‘As soon as 17/25 December did, they transferred money to Bank Asya

Three brothers were accused of being members of FETÖ in the indictment prepared against the Arslan brothers. According to the expert report prepared within the scope of the investigation, Arbella Gıda had a total of 45 accounts in Bank Asya. It was claimed that 8 of the accounts were opened as soon as 17-25 December. According to the report, there was a dynamism in the accounts of the company in Bank Asya, especially between January 2014 and September 2014. While the amount of EFT received in the company’s account throughout 2013 was 1 million 93 thousand 252 TL, this amount increased by 5.5 times in 2014 to 10 million 649 thousand 284 TL. The prosecutor’s office found the activity in the company accounts as suspicious since January 2014.

The phone was ground 110 times in common with the FETO general.

Prepared for the Arslan brothers There are very striking details in the indictment. Arslan’s liaison with Rear Admiral Nejat Atilla Demirhan, the Naval Forces Mediterranean Region Commander, who was the Commander of Martial Law in Mersin during the July 15 coup attempt, was also determined. In the investigation, mobile phones of Arslan and Demirhan gave their base 110 times in a common place. Again, it was determined that Arslan Demirhan also met with Hakan Öğüt.

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