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Cables exploded with a loud noise in Istanbul Sultangazi. The people of the neighborhood, who poured into the street with a great panic over the explosion sound, extinguished the fire that broke out by their own means.

The incident took place in Sultangazi Uğurmumcu Neighborhood around 18:00. According to the information obtained, due to the fiber internet infrastructure work that has been going on in the region for a while, the cables, which smoke out at noon, exploded with a big noise. Of you gas explosion hearing the sound the neighborhood took to the streets following a great panic.

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Upon notice A large number of firefighters and police teams were dispatched to the area. After the explosion, residents of the neighborhood, who quickly evacuated their houses out of fear, tried to extinguish the fire by covering the flames with a wet blanket. While the police teams who came to the scene took security measures in the environment, the fire crews checked the cables extinguished by the citizens. Eyewitnesses who described the incident stated that there was a violent explosion first and then the iron cover on the floor was thrown into the air for meters with the effect of the explosion, while the underground cables ignited and the flames rose. .

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