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While the defeat against Gençlerbirliği in Kadıköy the previous day made Erol Bulut the target of criticism arrows, many facts in Fenerbahçe started to emerge. reflected. Sportive director Emre Belözoğlu and Selçuk Şahin and Volkan Demirel in the technical staff stepped in on this issue and listened to the complaints and expectations of the players.
According to Fotomaç’s report, most of the football players who were distant from Bulut stated that they did not even like the young teacher in their conversations. started. THE PLAYERS IN REVOLT! Fenerbahce players, who do not want to continue with the 46-year-old technical man, react to the lack of stability in the first 11 since the beginning of the season. Players who played at 11 and retreated to the bench in the following week rebel against not being presented with a convincing justification.
Many players who feel ready want to get information from the technical team about why they did not get a chance at 11. However, the young teacher speaks neither within the team nor privately with the names that come to the point of being offended. He does not explain the reasons for him not to enter the squad, and does not use motivating words.
FEAR OF GUSTAVO! Yellow-dark blue players, who fought with Sosa and Mert Hakan in the midfield in the Trabzon and Konya matches, were waiting for Pelkas to be in front of them with this duo.
Erol Bulut, who thinks that he will be criticized for sitting Gustavo in the hut, has to make extraordinary sequences in this match. left.
Mert, who used both sides of the game in previous games, sometimes played number 10 and sometimes on the left wing. Pelkas, who contributed greatly to the score in the number 10 position, served on the left throughout the game.
Mert and Pelkas, who played outside of the positions they met expectations, could not give what they wanted against Gençlerbirliği unlike the previous games. Ferdi Kadıoğlu was one of the names likely to play. The 21-year-old football player, who was expected to choose between the A National Team and the Netherlands, was invited to Portakallar’s U21 team, although he could not take much time in Fenerbahçe.
It was learned that the young player, who expressed his desire to take more time, was resentful for this reason. > HAND TAKEN FROM THE GAME MAKES HANDS! As the weeks progress, the excitement increases in the Super League, and the tension is reflected in the faces of the football players. Caner Erkin, Pelkas, Thiam and Mesut Özil, respectively, in Fenerbahçe from the past weeks until today, reacted to coach Erol Bulut in the matches they were taken from the game.
THIAM REALITY Mame Thiam, one of the most influential names of Fenerbahçe with the performance, retreated to the club in the 24th week Galatasaray match. The Senegalese star, who did not play in the derby during his form, took his place again at 11 in 5 of the next 6 matches.
Since then, Thiam, who has been the target of criticism for his performance in recent weeks, cut himself in the derby and made no speech. Sedat Mustard

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