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Karşıyaka could not give what was expected against the leader Somaspor. The home team’s goals were scored by Melih in 28, Muhammed in 66, Nurettin (P) in 68 and Umut in 81. Harun recorded the only number of green-reds.

22.3.2021 Karsiyaka, drawing an unstable graphic in the Third League Third Group, lost 4-1 to the away leader Somaspor. In the 6th minute, Uğur used the free throw won from the corner of the right wing penalty bow in Somaspor, and the ball remained with goalkeeper Erdoğan. In the middle of the attack on the left wing of Somaspor in 23, Nurettin’s effective head kick in the middle of the penalty area took away the danger by throwing the defender corner. Özcan used the corner kick in 28, and Melih hit the head from the defense: 1-0. In 47, Harun hit hard before entering the penalty area from the left wing, hunted goalkeeper Muharrem Tunay: 1-1.

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Meeting with the ball in the penalty area in the 66th minute, Muhammed shot stylishly and brought Somaspor forward again: 2-1. Özcan remained in the intervention of the defense in the Karşıyaka penalty area in 68, and the referee showed the white point. Nurettin sent the shot to the nets: 3-1. In 76, Özcan entered the penalty area with strikes from the left wing, in the middle of the defender threw the ball into a corner and removed the danger. Umut Koray hit the ball in the middle of Uğur on the right wing in 81, goalkeeper Erdoğan took it out of the line, when the linesman Ertan Demirci ran to the power plant, the middle referee of the match Tolga Sancak gave the goal: 4-1. In 90, Umut Koray from the right hit the ground hard before entering the penalty area, goalkeeper Erdoğan Açar threw a round corner. Karşıyaka lost the match 4-1. THE BIG COUPLE
Karşıyaka, who started the season with the championship password, could not find what he hoped for in the remaining matches. Izmir team won 2 wins, 2 draws, and 9 defeats in the last 13 games they played. KSK, which defeated Çarsambaspor 2-1 at home in the last match, this time lost to Somaspor and continued its unstable course. Green-Reds scored 4 goals on the road for the first time this season. ONE CHANGE FROM ALGERIA
Karşıyaka Coach İbrahim Cezayir made a single change in the top 11 against Somaspor. The young coach assigned Cenk to replace Mustafa Aşan, who was suspended after seeing a yellow card in the match played with Çarsambaspor. Burak, Anıl, Berke, Özgür and Arif could not play because of their injuries in the Izmir team where Battal and Onur’s contracts were terminated.


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