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In the 16th week of the Super League, Kayserispor hosted Beşiktaş in its field. Kara Kartal won the fight 2-0.
The goal that brought Beşiktaş victory was recorded by N’Koudou (pen.) In the 89th minute and Hasic at 90 + 6. In black and whites, Bernard Mensah could not benefit from the penalty in the 12th minute.
With this result, Beşiktaş reached 31 points and became the leader. Kayserispor remained at 10 points.
5. Goalkeeper Dogan Alemdar managed to hit the ball with a corner in Atiba’s hard shot from the left diagonal to the goal.
9. N’Koudou, who entered the penalty area by striking his opponents in the Beşiktaş attack developing from the left wing every minute, remained on the ground with Lopes’s intervention. The refree of the game, Fırat Aydınus, has decided to penalize this position.
12. Besiktas could not take advantage of the penalty per minute. Mensah came to the head of the ball to use the penalty won. In Mensah’s kick, goalkeeper Doğan Alemdar reached to his right and managed to corner the ball.
33. Lopes entered the penalty area by making short passes with Lennon on Kayserispor’s attack, and hit Welinton with the ball hit the goal in an appropriate position.
The first half of the match ended with a 0-0 draw.
76. Josef de Souza, who jogged to the front post in the free kick used by N’Koudou from the left in the minute, would hover the ball with his head. In Larin’s header in the appropriate position on the back post, the leather went round with a small margin.
84. N’Sakala, who entered the penalty area from the left diagonal on Larin’s intermediate pass, remained on the ground with the intervention of Sapunaru. The referee of the match that continued the game Fırat Aydınus ruled the penalty after VAR’s review.
89. Using the penalty won per minute, N’Koudou brought the leather round to the net from the right of goalkeeper Doğan Alemdar: 0-1
In 90 + 4 minutes, Ajdin Hasic, who rose well among his opponents in the penalty area in the middle of N’Koudou, shot the ball with a small margin. It went auta.
In 90 + 6 minutes, Denis Alibec, who used the free kick won by Kayserispor, managed to corner the ball, which went to the right of the goalkeeper at the last minute.
90 + 7 minutes, Beşiktaş attacked N’Koudou. Ajdin Hasic, who met with the ball in the intermediate pass, brought the round of leather together with the nets with his kick against the goalkeeper: 0-2
The match was completed with the 2-0 advantage of the guest team Beşiktaş.

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