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Citizens started to communicate with the psychics they could not meet face to face due to the coronavirus over social media. The so-called psychics, using the title of astrologer to gain credibility, defraud the citizens in matters such as falling in love, cooling, opening fortune, language binding in 15 days under the name of transaction.

The price of fake mediums is between 1,200 and 4,000 TL. varies. DHA reporter, social media about how committed the fraud system was on the phone with introducing N.Ö and HA themselves as psychics.

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buried in the ground reading Ceylan leather

Reporter, medium N.Ö. He called and said he wanted to “bind”. Psychic N.Ö. “It is enough to send the name, surname and photo of the person you want to have a transaction. The process takes 7 days. The person you want becomes more than twice as soon as you say. The fee is thousand 200 TL. “I read it on its skin and bury it in the soil as soon as I do it. As soon as you do the procedure, the person you want connects to you and it becomes one that will not double. I give one hundred percent guarantee for the binding process,” he said. Upon the reporter’s bargaining, psychic N.Ö said, “The materials of the transaction cost 800 TL. I will make it for you 100 TL, but do not tell anyone who will come from you this price.”

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The spell of connecting language to mother-in-law.

The DHA reporter called another medium HA and said, ‘I want my mother-in-law to have a language linking process. Psychic H.A. “First you need to send your mother-in-law’s name and photo. We are doing a paid transaction. You need to send 4 thousand TL.”

The psychic HA, who reacted to the DHA reporter who wanted to negotiate, said, “The materials are quite expensive. It drew attention to the fact that he used the expressions “I will not give you an account. Leyla Çakır said that she spoke with psychics from the media for a long time, “I came across a page on social media at a time when I was separate from my boyfriend. They had very convincing posts. I wrote to have them look tarot. Then, let’s do the binding and retrieval process.” Because he told me that it would give me 100% results. He said, “Even your boyfriend will be connected to you twice.” He asked for 2 thousand TL as a fee. At that moment, I realized that he was a fraud and stopped doing it. I passed. But he didn’t stop calling me for a while, “he said.

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