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In the UEFA Europa League, Galatasaray applied to UEFA on the grounds that there was a rule error in the Lokomotiv Moscow match, where Galatasaray drew 1-1. The Yellow-Reds forfeited victory due to a rule error, and if this demand was not accepted, they wanted the match to be repeated. What happened in the match? Lokomotiv Moscow’ Also Dmitry Zhivoglyadov fouled Kerem Aktürkoğlu in 90+2. Referee Sandro Scharer shows Dmitry Zhivoglyadov a yellow card. Diagne wanted to continue the game, but Dimitri Barinov blocked him with a hard tackle. After this intervention phase, there was an argument between the players of the two teams. After the discussion ended, the Swiss referee showed both Diagne and Barinov a yellow card. In addition to these two players, he showed Zhivoglyadov, who fouled Kerem, once again, as a reminder of the yellow card he showed in the previous position. The Russian football player had a surprise at first. Zhivoglyadov, who did not understand why Kerem was shown the yellow card in his position, that Diagne and Barinov did nothing in his position, so he was shown the yellow card once again, looked around with bewilderment. The Swiss referee was inexperienced. The events happened right after the Swiss referee of the match, Sandro Scharer, showed the yellow card to Lokomotiv’s number 2 Zhivoglyadov in the foul position against Kerem. After the stage of the discussion, the Swiss referee made a clumsy move and showed the Russian football player the yellow card for his action to Kerem as a reminder. Later, the young football player Kerem Aktürkoğlu went to the referee and informed the referee that he saw a card in the action made to him, so he should receive a red card, but the Swiss referee told Kerem that this was the card he showed after the foul stage and that he showed this card as a reminder. : THE MATCH CAN BE REPEAT The fight between Galatasaray and Lokomotiv in the UEFA Europa League ended 1-1. Russian media claimed that Swiss referee Sandro Scharer did not kick Lokomotiv player Dmitri Zhivoglyadov from the game despite showing him 2 yellow cards. After the foul stage against Kerem in 90+2, Dmitri got a card. After that, the field got mixed up. The referee went to this area and gave Diagne a yellow card. Then the punished name was Barinov. Then again, Zhivoglyadov was allegedly carded. Russian media stated that the referee may have forgotten the card he issued to Zhivoglyadov at the beginning of the events. In the reports, it seems that Dmitri Zhivologlyadov was given a single card. Otherwise, a replay will be required.

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