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A National Football Team Assistant Coach Jan-Moritz Lichte made a statement to the members of the press before the training of the national team at Hasan Doğan National Teams Camp and Training Facilities in Riva. Stating that the players know the importance of the Gibraltar and Montenegro matches, Jan-Moritz Lichte said, “It is important for us. “In the first place, we will win the two games that include the first game. With the score we will get in the first game, the course of the next game will be more important. For this reason, we work as devotedly as we can. Our players strictly implement what we say. We hope we will pass the next two games with a good score,” he said. “Next two games will be very different” When asked what will be very different in these two games compared to the previous games, Jan-Moritz Lichte said, “It was very difficult for us to reflect what we wanted from them on the field, because we worked in a very short time in the course of the last two games. They did it the best they could. The victory was beneficial for us both morally and morally. But when we compare it with those games, the next two games will be very, very different. The personal qualities of our opponent and their quality as a team cannot be compared with Norway, but since the importance of the matches here is very different, I trust that we will receive certain signals from these matches when our players reflect their skills and qualities on the field. But I don’t want to go into too much detail with this issue,” he said. Since we know the fiction, our expectation here is not that the players play that kind of football. Because at the level of football played here, there are inevitably many differences from time to time. I never calculate whether it is better or worse. But of course, we also know that we have to play faster, and when more balls are won, sudden attacks will occur and we have to push the castle a little more. We are trying to implement them a little more. On top of that, we worked on our last training. Since there is a level for them in Turkey, they can play football a little slower and a little more secure sometimes. We want to speed this up a little bit. After all, since we trust the quality of our players, we want to release them on some issues. The issue I want to emphasize again is that there may be very different concepts here, but absolutely no one should receive a message about whether this is better or worse. We want to balance what we have known so far and what our players have learned so far and reflect it on the field in the best way possible.

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