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Adana Demirspor continues its preparations for the Yeni Malatyaspor match, which it will play at home in the 9th week of the league. Training started with warm-up movements under the management of Italian coach Vincenzo Montella. Then, the training, which continued with 5 to 2 ball grabbing, passing and pressing, ended with tactical work. Speaking to the journalists before the training, Adana Demirspor’s Technical Director Vincenzo Montella said that he was happy to enter the national break with a win and said, “It was really comfortable for us. We also needed rest. We are very happy to intervene with such a win. The ideal for everyone is to enter the intermission with a win. Since our return, we have started to work hard, we are preparing. We do not find the right concentration from the first practice so that we can be ready for the next match. We will find that too. We are definitely continuing to improve. Our way is long. Our goal is to be in continuous development. We are doing the necessary work in this regard,” he said. “It will be a difficult match” Stating that the Yeni Malatyaspor match will be difficult, Montella said, “It will be a difficult match. We are aware of this. Because when you look at it, the values ​​in the statistics do not reflect Yeni Malatyaspor’s score. We know it will be a difficult match, but the arrival of a new coach means a new routine. Sometimes these changes bring other things. However, we are ready even if they play as 5 players, even if they play with the old tactic that they won.” David Akintola is still not in our group. He is a very important player for us. When he returns, our options will multiply. I hope we can win Gökhan İnler as soon as possible. He showed how important he is in the Beşiktaş match.” . During that development, our most important goal is to stay in the league. For many years, Adana Demirspor could not stay in the league. Our priority is to ensure that.”

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