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Galatasaray President Burak Elmas stated that they will not sit at the board of directors’ table in the general meetings to be held on Saturday and Sunday as it concerns the period of the previous board of directors. Galatasaray President Burak Elmas made a statement at the ordinary council meeting of the yellow-red people in October. Talking about the high advisory committee meeting, Elmas said, “We held the advisory committee meeting attended by the names of great importance who took part in the past in our community. This was the meeting that I mentioned many times in the election and that I very much wanted to hold. Thanks to our elders, who have served as president, second president and chairman of the council in the past. A large part of them accepted this invitation. It was a very enjoyable meeting. We missed them very much, we had the opportunity to see them. I would like to thank all our former presidents, vice presidents and council presidents who gave us the opportunity to take this beautiful family picture,” he said. Referring to the general meetings to be held on Saturday and Sunday, Chairman Elmas said, “I would like to share a few issues. As the board of directors, we provide our best help and support together with the chairman of the council to hold the general assembly in the healthiest way. two ordinary general meetings concerning We also consulted with the previous board of directors so that they could explain it in the most appropriate way and respond to the suggestions and criticisms received. We continue to provide them with the information and documents they desire. As the current board of directors, we will not sit at the board of directors on the stage, since the general assembly concerns their term. For these two days, we will pass on the authority and budget section that interests us. We think it would be more appropriate and stylish for them to sit there. We made this offer to them as well.” They shared that there are some issues that may cause misunderstandings. We consulted with them and said that these authorities were requested in a very transparent and sincere manner, we made the changes together to address their concerns, submitted a petition and recommended the vote as it was amended, by signing together.”

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