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Health Minister Fahrettin Koca shared the weekly coronavirus case number map by provinces in the ‘controlled normalization’ process. Increases of cases continue in Samsun, which has the highest number of cases in the population of 100 thousand between 27 February-5 March and is in the first place in the category of ‘Very high risk’ provinces. Provincial Health Director Dr. Lecturer Member Muhammet Ali Oruç stated that the increase in the number of cases continues despite all the measures taken and the control and information studies carried out by public institutions and municipalities, and stated that there are cases of mutation virus in all districts.

‘The sickness of the virus has dropped’

Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Dr. Nurullah Dikmen pointed out that the speed of transmission was increasing and warned the citizens. Reminding that Samsun ranks first in the number of cases, Dr. Dikmen said, “Mutant viruses are changes in the genetic structure of the virus and are easier to transmit. This is generally in favor of humanity, but there are things we do not know about Covid-19. Right now, Covid-19, young people are more easily overcome. However, people with advanced age and additional illnesses have a heavy life. For this, we need to take precautions. We should pay attention to our social distance with the people we talk to, we were saying 1.5 meters, now we should increase this to 2 meters. Let’s wear a mask. We should pay attention to these. The sickening feature of the virus has dropped compared to last year, the death rate has decreased a little more. But everything is not over, the pandemic continues, there will be a vaccination process. he said, “we will see.

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‘We will have to tighten our teeth for a life without a mask’

Expressing that the number of cases has increased in Samsun due to the observance of the known rules, Dr. Dikmen said, “In the slightest release, people flock to the beaches, sit together, take off the mask, these situations increase the number of cases. We need to follow the rules to get rid of the pandemic. If everyone follows the rules, we can fight this virus. There are, this is very wrong. Young people may have a mild life, but when they carry them home and infect their loved ones, worse results occur. We need to follow the rules to turn blue. For a life without a mask, we have to tighten our teeth for a few more months.
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