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Fenerbahçe, which signed a total of 22 transfers in the 2020-21 season, two of them are young, can separate the roads with almost half of the new transfers due to their current forms.
It is wrong to say that Fenerbahçe will be the most active team of the transfer before the new season, especially while there is a great disappointment in the foreign staff except for a few names. no.

Sunday in the league “okay, continue?” There are very important names that ring the separation bells in the yellow-dark blue people who will play the match.
GÖKHAN GÖNÜL: It will not be used for 1 more year, although the option right. Gökhan Gönül, who suffers from frequent injuries, is expected to join the technical team.

LEMOS: He wanted to be sent during the break. However, he did not want to leave. The ticket was cut off because Başakşehir could not use the chance given to him in the cup match.

TISSERAND: He lost his place at 11 due to the individual mistakes he made. Tisserand will be sought a club to get a better defender.

CANER ERKİN: While he was expected to add experience to the team, he had trouble with the technical committee. He was forgiven before the critical weeks, but the end of the season situation will be taken into consideration.

JOSE SOSA: Although he has had good times during the season, his overall performance is inefficient. If he wants to return to his country even though he has a contract for another year, he will not say ‘no’.

MBWANA SAMATTA: The first installment of the testimonial will be paid to Aston Villa this June. However, it will be evaluated if an offer that meets the bonservice of 6.5 million Euros is received.

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DIEGO PEROTTI: An attempt was made to separate the roads between the circuit. However, the Argentine player did not accept this. It seems risky to be kept in the team because of his injury.

PAPISS CISSE: The Senegalese player, whose contract will expire, announced that he will quit football at the end of the season. Fenerbahçe will not extend the contract.
KEMAL ADEMI: The Swiss player, who plays for a loan in Karagümrük, is not included in Fenerbahçe’s future plans. It will either be leased or sold.

Apart from that, players such as Zanka, Frey and Allahyar, who have leased out, are expected to leave the team.
OZAN TUFAN’S TARGET HIGH BONSERVIS Ozan Tufan, one of the Turkish players, to the offers to come after the Euro 2020 transaction According to the incoming information that can be sent in order to obtain testimonial income.

SERDAR DA GİDEBİLİR Serdar Aziz, who is also one of the high salary names, is another name where the roads can be separated if an offer is found.

10 TRANSFER COMING – Fenerbahçe next season 10 new players are planned to join the squad. It is stated that these players are the names working in the stopper, right-back, left-back, midfield, left wing and center-field.
DERBIDE CHANGES THE MIDDLE FIELD Before the Beşiktaş derby, which will be played in Fenerbahçe, on Sunday, he started his preparations with the training yesterday morning. It was stated that Filip Novak, who was treated with ice after leaving the game in yellow-dark blue, did not have a problem, and he could wear a uniform during the match. In the place of Gökhan, Nazım will wear the uniform.

In Fenerbahçe’s midfield, there will be a special change to derby. The technical delegation, which thinks that Jose Sosa will not be able to handle the derby as a physical condition, will therefore include İrfan Can in the team.
In the yellow-dark blue team that will enter the field with the midfield of Gustavo-Mert-İrfan, Pelkas will be on the left again. In the striker region, Valencia will be included in the information that the penalty is over … (Sabah)

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