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According to the statement made by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), an earthquake at a depth of 60 kilometers was recorded off Miyagi at 18.09 local time.

JMA was on the shores of Miyagi after the earthquake of 7.2 magnitude 20 kilometers off the province’s Oshika peninsula.

The earthquake was felt across the northeast in Iwate, Akita, Gunma, Fukushima, Saitama, Aomori and the capital Tokyo.

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Call for “evacuation of homes” against the tsunami

According to public broadcaster NHK, 1 injured in Miyagi’s Misato district and 2 in Isinomaki district.

According to the Kyodo agency, the government announced that 1 meter tsunami waves were estimated to hit the provincial coast.

Against the tsunami, more than 6,700 in Miyagi’s coastal townships, Shicigahama, and 2,500 in Watari. evacuation of more than one house has been made.

It is requested to be placed in schools reported. Dai-ni saved by not experienced abnormalities in Tokyo’s northeast Tokai 2 nuclear power plant in Ibaraki.

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in some regions experiencing power outages.

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“The state shores should be avoided”

Speaking to NHK, Prof. Furumura Takashi, “Looking at the depth of the earthquake, there is no tsunami danger.” He said.

Furumura stated that the tsunami warnings due to the magnitude of the earthquake are continuing and said, “Seismic activity in the region is active. The state shores should be avoided.

1 person died and more than 150 people were injured in the 7.3 magnitude earthquake that took place in Fukushima south of Miyagi on February 13.

AFAD said in a statement. ‘After the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Japan, a’ Tsunami ‘warning that could reach a wave height of 1 m was issued. Until the warning was passed, the people of the region were advised to go to high places. ‘ used expressions.

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