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Trabzonspor Club President Ahmet Ağaoğlu said he believes they should play a better football in the match where they were hosted by Büyükşehir Belediye Erzurumspor in the 30th week of the Super League and they drew 0-0.

Making a statement after the match, Ağaoğlu stated that the result did not satisfy them.

Stating that they have been playing a very stable football for about 4 weeks, Ağaoğlu said, “We could not continue the exit we made in the previous 8 weeks. We have a loss of 8 points. Regardless of the conditions, we have to play a little like Trabzonspor. We have to play a little more enthusiastic. , aggressively, I think we can close the win by wanting more. ” used the expressions.

– Their application to FIFA

Ağaoğlu, regarding the application they made to FIFA demanding “the establishment of an independent and impartial sports judgment in Turkish football”, stated that this is not only Trabzonspor’s request.

Emphasizing that all teams on the subject are a reproach expressed by the president, manager and his teacher, Ağaoğlu said, “As an example, I gave the Central Arbitration Board (MHK). Its management changed 4 times in two years. However, the discussions about the referee decisions, let alone decrease, continued to increase. It is very simple, it will tell you who you ask. If the vehicle still does not go after changing the four wheels, it means that the problem is in the engine, ie in the system. We have expressed this. As a last resort, we sent the file we prepared with the support of almost all of the Clubs Association Foundation to FIFA. ” found in the description.

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Ağaoğlu emphasized that there is not much in the file they prepared, except the public’s knowledge, and said:

“There is a decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that was given. It was given but not implemented … There is a 20-page report prepared by the Ombudsman of the Ombudsman for 3 months. In this report, the deficiencies, problems and wrong practices are explained in detail. Turkey Football Federation (TFF) has a chance in front. Both the Court could apply the decisions of both the Public Supervisory Authority. What do I do not know what they think, but they did not choose. not Trabzonspor struggle is the struggle here. Brand value is constantly falling, losing blood, whereas the peak of parallel economic debate, In a system where everyone complains, it would be a little too optimistic to keep your brand value at the top or to increase it. It was an application made in terms of brand value and safety of Turkish football. The file was sent to the Disciplinary Board of FIFA. UEFA will now make the assessment itself. . “

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