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The Greek media reports that the US plans to donate a large number of weapons and equipment, including AH-64 Appache and OH-58D type attack helicopters, to strengthen the Greek army.

“The Surplus Defense Material (EDA) program is not a grant but a sales program, and Greece is using its own national funds for it,” said a US State Department official who did not want to be identified. said.

At times, the costs of the renewal of materials sold under the EDA can be covered by the United States under the US security assistance program, “But NATO partners generally do not need such assistance.” found the assessment.

As with the United States like Turkey with Greece a powerful Foreign Military Sales program, the striking officers, other NATO as well as with partners in the United States Surplus that gave Greece the material under Defense Supplies program, he said.

“As these sales and transfers, just as we do with our NATO allies such as Turkey and other regional sales and transfers of NATO interoperability, strengthens our common security in southern and eastern Europe.” he spoke.

The Greek media sent the US to the Greek army, 9 AH-64D Apache attack helicopters, 50 OH-58D attack helicopters, 350 M-2A2 armored personnel carrier tracked tanks, 60 MLRS tracked rocket launchers, 120 M- 109A5 tracked Howitzer type tank, Μ-198 / M-119 short range gun, HEMTT ammunition carrier vehicle, MRAP armored personnel carrier vehicle.

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According to the Greek media, the US first requested an extension of the agreement for a period of 5 years, and secondly, it suggested adding new ones to the deployment sites of US troops. It was stated in the news that the USA presented a document with more than 20 new deployment sites, while the establishment of a new permanent base such as Suda Base on Crete Island is not discussed, but the proposed deployment sites, including Iskiri Island, are currently jointly training He also noted that if the agreement is reached, the implementation of the new agreement will not be difficult because the technical and legal details are known from the negotiations on the previous agreement.


“The US is not in its old strength, it needs alliances”

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