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Göztepe, one of the Super League teams, opened a social media survey for the name of their stores. Yellow and red fans who downloaded the Socios application and received $GOZ Fan Tokens, “Tam 35 Store”, “GÖZGÖZ Store”, “No: 1925”, “1925 Shop”, “Store 35 ” and will determine the new brand name of the licensed product stores of the club. This voting, which is the first in Turkey, will continue until August 20, 2021. The name that gets the most votes right after the voting will be the new brand name of the stores of the yellow and red shops. Which vote was held before in Turkey? Fans who receive tokens can have a say in the decisions of the club in a more active way. The color of the glove that Muslera will wear, the messages on the warm-up t-shirts of the Istanbul Başakşehir players, and the design of Trabzonspor’s team bus were determined by the fans who have fan tokens. The design of the team bus of the Barcelona captain, the message on the armband of the Barcelona captain, the goal celebration anthem at the Allianz Arena, the starting 11 of Apollon Limassol were determined by voting. Aston Villa enters the token world Aston is among the clubs that are not indifferent to the developments of the new generation finance and digital world. The villa is also included. $AVL Fan Tokens minted on the Chiliz $CHZ blockchain will be released soon. There will be many interaction opportunities for $AVL Fan Token holders, including the chance to participate in a series of interactive voting with the club each season from Socios. The $AVL Fan Token will be released soon, with all current Aston Villa members and combination ticket holders having the option to receive a free $AVL Fan Token for a limited time. Aston Villa Commercial Director Nicola Ibbetson said: “More engagement with the club to our global fan base. We are excited to announce our partnership with Socios, which will give them the opportunity to build and bring them even closer to the club they love. The launch of AVL Fan Tokens will give our fans around the world more opportunities to interact with the club and be part of our global family. Whether this is local or international, It’s a new and innovative way for all our fans to get involved with the club.”

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