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In the 2014-15 season, Beşiktaş sent his German Scout Selçuk Avcı to the match to watch Bayer Leverkusen’s young player Atakan Akkaynak. However, the name that caught Avcı’s attention was Güven Yalçın. The only negative issue for Güven was the “Needs mental support” part. Güven, who did not extend his contract with his club, almost transferred to Twente when he could not hear from Beşiktaş. The young player, who was approved by 5 scouts, was interrupted at the last moment and he was included in the black and white team with a training fee. Tolunay Kafkas, the U19 National Team Manager of the period, said to Şenol Güneş, who was sitting in the coaching chair in Beşiktaş, “Honey, good luck. Great conditions for very good conditions. You got a man,” he said. Güven Yalçın, who caught the eye of Güneş, started playing in the A Team. He RISED TO THE NATIONAL TEAM BUT… Güven’s rise continued with the National Team, scoring 8 goals and 2 assists in 23 games in his first season. However, the wrong choices he made after the transaction caused him to regress. Güven’s managerial choices and friendships in Turkey brought him down. The greed for money, the rapidly coming fame and the wrong friendships negatively affected the star candidate. YALÇIN SAID “My BIGGEST FAITH” Yalçın opened a new page in his life. First, he changed his management company. The young player took his second step by hiring an individual performance trainer. During the summer period, when everyone was on vacation, the 22-year-old football player worked day-to-day, especially in fitness, physics, power and technique. Güven Yalçın, who also received professional support on nutrition, changed drastically in 5 months with a healthy lifestyle. He met with people who would help him mentally and eliminated the environmental factors that affected his career more than anything else from his life. The last issue that made him ambitious was that he was not invited to the National Team for a long time and Beşiktaş’s name was not included in the Champions League list. He was extra ambitious to leave the bad days behind. He promised himself, “I will return to the National Team. I will not disappoint my teacher Sergen.” He scored 3 goals in two matches. He was the name that carried Beşiktaş to victory, especially with his performance against Sivas and his two stylish goals. (Morning)

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