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In the 12th week of the Spor Toto Super League, Kayserispor took a 2-0 lead and drew 2-2 away with Fenerbahçe in the match. After the match, Kayserispor Deputy Chairman Ali Çamlı made a statement to the press. Criticizing the decisions of Çamlı, “It was a good match. Fenerbahce is a big club. Kayserispor is also a community that chases success. But I wish we hadn’t talked to the referee on the field today. As a matter of principle, we don’t like to talk about referees. But the minute of the penalty is 96.47. Cüneyt teacher should have a fair look. Good luck if it’s fair. But there is a lot of effort, there is a team on the field that struggles unbelievably. Fenerbahce doesn’t need such things anyway. I ask Cüneyt Çakır; If Kayserispor had taken that penalty, could he have stolen it? Please let Cüneyt Çakır make a statement on this matter. We have a Trabzonspor match before; Penalty not awarded, goal not awarded. I leave it to the public’s discretion. Fenerbahçe is a very valuable club for us. I wish them success. It will surely recover, it will be good. But we, as Kayserispor, are fighting an incredible fight with our teacher, technical staff and president.” You steal a penalty at 96.47. If I were in that situation, would Cüneyt Çakır as Kayserispor do it like this? He is a referee that we call our pride and pride in the world. Let them evaluate the first penalty as well as the second penalty. He can give a penalty, finish the match in minutes. We leave this evaluation to the discretion of the public. Since the day I came to the club; I say ‘referees are human too, they make mistakes’. We always make softening statements, but the hand is insaf. A lot of money, a lot of effort. You are playing with the fate of a club. The match is over, you are still playing 1.5 minutes and you are stealing a penalty. Okay, play, but finish the match on time. What a pity. I’m not looking for an intention, but it always comes across to us. In the matches of Kayserispor, Cüneyt teacher is cut as a lion. Movements that are constantly trying to kill us. I leave it to your discretion, let him settle accounts with his conscience. 2 points of Kayserispor, who went today. There is so much I want to say, but I don’t want to say it either. We have a very valuable federation president. He is also trying to make things right. We do not want to talk about their efforts and efforts. But pity, pity. The referees should not play with the fate of the teams. Let them whistle carefully. Let’s be careful in VAR and here too. Children do not leave any room on the field, we have to make such speeches with the whistle of the referee. What do you need?” placed his sentences.

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