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Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF) President Hidayet Türkoğlu made a statement on the media day held before the Slovenia and Poland matches, where the A National Women’s Basketball Team will face in Group D of the FIBA ​​2023 European Championship Qualifiers. Expressing his feelings about his re-election to the presidency, Türkoğlu said, “We cannot thank enough for the favor of our community. We will try to be worthy of them for 3 more years. We think that we have done good works for 5 years. We believe that we will do better in the next 3 years. We shared our goals to bring our basketball to a better place, and they also showed favor, we cannot thank you enough. We are here to say that we, as the federation, will do our part to bring Turkish basketball to the place it deserves, both in terms of national teams and clubs, for 3 years. We want to say” “We are trying to do the best of our duty” Emphasizing that the men’s and women’s national teams are always with them, Hidayet Türkoğlu said, “We are preparing to win every match. The national team is of the same opinion. My teachers and we, as managers, stood by our national teams. We are trying to do our best as a manager so that they can concentrate only on basketball. The rest belongs to our athletes and teachers. When they come out on the field, they will do their best first for themselves and then for the jersey they are carrying. We have full confidence in them. Whatever the result, we as the federation stand by them. The important thing is that they give their best fight when they go out on the field, being conscious of the jersey they are carrying. If we win as a result, it will be morale for our country. I wish success for the match against Slovenia and the Poland match to be played in Izmit on Sunday. Everyone is conscious of everything. The Women’s National Team is a team that we attach great importance to and has achieved great success in its past. I hope we will achieve the same stability and output with our teacher. I wish you success.”

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