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46-year-old lawyer Sinan A., who allegedly battered a 21-year-old woman who was drinking alcohol at his friend’s house together, claimed, “He missed the alcohol too much, he took on a second character. I poured his drink he threw a soda bottle and slapped me. >

In Karabük, lawyer Sinan A., who was stated to beat his friend B.Ü by punching, responded to the allegations. The lawyer said it was true that they drank alcohol with the young girl at their mutual friend’s home. b.ü after drinking too much alcohol that a second character to impersonate stated that Sinan A. changes in the young girl’s behavior occurred, he said.

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beaten the alcohol took his girlfriend “did as he told us”

Explaining that the incident was not what B.Ü said, lawyer Sinan A. said: “I touched his drink and it spilled on the ground. “Why did you pour my drink” he reacted. I said he accidentally spilled and could fill a new glass. There was a soda bottle on the table, he threw it at me. I said “What are you doing?” She slapped me. “

announced the Ministry, the penalty is heavier! Turkey

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Sinan A. saying that a problematic type of young girls” Then we suddenly got into each other. I hit him to push him away and he hit me she. Then my friend took it apart. He took him to the other room so that he could calm down. ”Noting that the cuts on his hand and arm were not what he said, the lawyer said that when he punched the glass in the room his friend took from inside, his hand and arm were cut.

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His testimony was released. “He had a case, I helped”

Stating that the young girl had a case and helped her, Sinan A. said, “I know him best. He has psychological problems in his family and himself. All the events that happened were aimed at calming him. Once, I swung my hand while slapping me, and he caught sight of it. Why should I beat my friend that I took to drink alcohol? Even if the cuts on his hand are as he said, I have to have it in my hand. ”Sinan A. stated that they had been hanging out with B.Ü as friends for a long time and said,“ I don’t understand why he took the decision to suspend him. Because we don’t live together. My goal that evening is not to use violence. He did it just because I spilled the drink. A friend I’ve been hanging around for a long time. I would not meet him if there was hostility between me. ”

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” You are yesterday’s child, how can you slap me? “

Stating that he was a lawyer for 20 years and was 46 years old and was angry for the slap the young girl gave him, Sinan A. said: “You are yesterday’s kid. How can you slap me. My dad didn’t slapped me. Can you imagine the psychology I have? I take your alcohol, your cigarettes. I take it wherever you want and take it around. We eat and drink. Then slap a bottle at me for spilling alcohol. ”

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