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Super League leader Besiktas has fun … Besiktas, continuing its leadership by winning the Galatasaray derby, continued its preparations for the game it will play with Karagümrük at the Olympic Stadium tomorrow. Football players enjoyed snowballing before the morning training session. Beşiktaş players on the field had joyful moments in the snowball fight initiated by Rosier. The struggle of Aboubakar and Rosier on the snow was watched with laughter.
BARBECUE ENJOYMENT Beşiktaş’s footballers came together at the barbecue party held after yesterday’s practice. The joy of the football players drew attention at the party.
THE CHAIRMAN ÇEB WATCHED Yesterday morning’s training of the Black and Whites was watched by President Ahmet Nur Çebi from the side of the field. 1.5 hours of training; After the pass, 5 vs 2 ball grabbing, play and control pass work in the narrow area, the double goal was completed with the shooting practice as soon as the match. Beşiktaş will enter the camp after training at 16.00 today.

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