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In his written statement, Yılmaz made the following assessment regarding the Fenerbahçe match:

“We left behind a historical match in the 28th week of the Super League. We broke the record of 12-game undefeability in the 55-year history of our club, we enjoyed the 1000th goal in the Super League, we witnessed the 500th match of our teacher Ersun Yanal. We left with the white of our foreheads. “

Stating that they had been meeting with different groups in Antalya for about two months on their way to represent the club at the highest level, Yılmaz pointed out that they gave messages of peace, reconciliation, gentlemen, friendship, unity and solidarity.

Yılmaz stated that they are determined to voice their calls not only in Antalya, but also throughout the country and in the football family on the way they set out with this understanding.

As the first step of this, Yılmaz reminded that the first celebration of the board of directors coincided with Beşiktaş Club as of date.

“We will never back down from protecting the high interests of our Antalyaspor in every field”

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In his statement, “From now on, we will continue to celebrate the foundation anniversary, which is the most important day of each club in the football family of which we are a member, and we are in the same league, without distinguishing any club.” Yılmaz, who gave his statement, continued as follows:

“We believe that gentlemen, courtesy and the right bilateral relationship require this. Although the decision is their own, we will of course expect a congratulation on our most special day, July 2. We will be following our rights until our last breath. “We will not hesitate to react to the violent behaviors.”

Yılmaz asked his fans to trust those who run Antalyaspor and to support them in their steps.

Mustafa Yılmaz completed his statement as follows:

“It should be known that all our statements and posts on our official website and on our official social media accounts are our responsibility and the people who will be criticized are not our friends in charge, but we are ourselves. It is our greatest desire to be with us and to support us with his ideas. ”

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