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University student S.H.B. (20) went through terrible hours at the house where she went to visit her grandmother and asked for help from her social media account. His young daughter complained that he was taken hostage by his uncle Emrah B. (30) for 4 hours, threatened and insulted.

The suspect, who was taken into custody, was released on the condition of ‘not approaching home’ and judicial control. He understands the images that share the young girl in the social media, “Again help you go a can, the announcement of my voice,” asked for help saying.

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The incident last Sunday Ortahisar Development District in the town ‘ occurred in. Allegedly university student S.H.B. He was taken hostage for 4 hours by his uncle who came to his grandmother’s house. Broadcasting those moments on social media, S.H.B. called for help. The suspect, who threatened and insulted the young girl in the images, left the house after 4 hours.

“Please help us without hurting us”

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SBH filed a criminal complaint to the prosecutor’s office. “My uncle is not mentally healthy. He has been very prone to violence because he has not used his medicines recently. He constantly walks on us with the scenarios he made up in his mind. He always threatens us. My uncle comes to us saying ‘I have a report. I will do whatever I want to you. Nothing will happen to me’. Please help us without hurting us, “he said. The suspect, who was taken into custody upon the complaint of the young girl, was released on condition of “not approaching home” and judicial control.

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Threatening torpedo in her mouth

Asking for help by posting on social media S.H.B. “My grandmother and I were held hostage for 4 hours by my uncle. We were threatened with death. He attempted to detonate torpedoes in my mouth. She was released only with a suspension order, although she had many files before. It is not necessary for me or a member of my family to die for a villain to be arrested. We were in danger of psychological violence and death for hours. Again, before a life is gone, help me be heard. I did not give myself the chance to live. When I was dying, I thought how little pain would hurt, I prayed that it would not hurt. I live today, what will happen tomorrow? “
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