Cevdet Alkan, the director of Şehit Emin Yıldırım Elementary School, who took part in the “Fidelity Support Group” and the filming team established during the pandemic process in Antakya district of Hatay, said that he also caught coronavirus and survived. During the pandemic process, Alkan, who first lost his 60-year-old sister Nuran Malcı due to cancer on November 20, shared his father İbrahim Alkan, 92, on December 4, Fatma Alkan, 86 years old, and 62-year-old eldest sister Cavide Emirleroğlu was buried due to coronavirus.

‘I did not meet with anyone and I took all kinds of precautions’

In order to protect her family 6- Stating that he has not seen anyone for 7 months and has experienced the pain of losing four lives despite taking every precaution, Alkan said, “This disease is very dangerous. It is a spreading disease with fatal consequences when not taken. In this process, I lost my little sister on 20 November. December 2, I watched my father die, I handed it over to the ground with my own hands. December 4, I surrendered my mother to the ground. December 11, my mentor, retired teacher, my elder sister, who made me love education and helped me to draw my road map, I also buried my own hand. It is a painful, troublesome and devastating process. ”

Blood-freezing horror! His mother could not get out çıktıtürki to

His father had built after the death of Covidien-19 test is that his mother because of a positive end once see, Alken stating that saying goodbye, “After my father died coronavirus my test came back positive. I quarantined myself at home. It is such a pain that I could not see my own mother for the last time and say goodbye. You can’t even say goodbye to your favorite people. You will not be able to meet with your favorite people again. ”

Stating that they closed the doors of three houses and that this was an inexplicable pain, Alkan said,“ Right now, I have four phone numbers that I will not be able to call and will not be answered ”. / p>

Called out to the citizens: “Let’s obey the rules”

Reminding that he suffered the loss of family members and that only himself and his brother remained from the nuclear family, Alkan said, demanding that the rules be followed:

“This job is really troublesome, really painful. It is a disease that wears people out and creates traumas that will not pass in a lifetime. Please, live with your loved ones, grow old with them. If you want to do this, if you want to overcome this process in the most correct and beautiful way, if you want to protect your loved ones, if you do not want to experience their pain; please follow the mask, distance, hygiene rules. Follow the rules set by our government. I strongly recommend you to take all kinds of precautions when entering your own family and whatever environment you enter. I lost my own souls, do not lose your own lives. I ask you to take all necessary precautions in order not to lose them ”.

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