He said that they won the meeting held after the game in Tokat with a good fight and game. Noting that they reflect their usual games on the field, Tokatlı said, “This time we crowned our victory with the goals we scored. I hope this will have reflections in the league.” he said.

Explaining that they are happy for staying in the last 8, Tokatlı said, “We played the final last year. This year, we want to play the final and crown this time with the trophy. We congratulate our players for their wishes and desires for today’s victory.” he spoke.

– Metropolitan Municipality Erzurumspor front

Metropolitan Municipality Erzurumspor Coach Mesut Bakkal said that they had a difficult time in the league. For this reason, Bakkal stated that there are no trophies in their goals, “After 5 injuries last week in Fenerbahçe, we thought to play with players with fewer matches here. Because it is important for us to fight in the league. There is a difficult process that continues for us. we went out with such a staff to see his performance. ” used the expressions.

Explaining that they started the match well and got ahead, Bakkal said:

“Actually, it is a head-to-head match, but it is difficult for our players who have not played for a long time to adapt. Alanyaspor is a strong team. We are looking at the next league process. We have 4-5 transfers. Now we will recover and continue our way in the league.”

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