Dimitris Pelkas and Aytemiz Alanyaspor, who talked about his performance in the Super League with Fenerbahçe jersey, have become one of the unchangeable ones of Tasos Bakasetas, drawing attention with their common features.
Both players, who made the Greek National Team jersey sweat, were born in 1993 and entered the football scene as the stars of the same generation. Experienced football players who played in the same position with each other had the chance to meet in the Super League.

An equivalence between Pelkas and Bakasetas is also observed in the number of goals. Pelkas, who shook the Metropolitan Municipality Erzurumspor networks, and Bakasetas, who scored the only goal of his team against Kasımpaşa, reached 61 goals in their career. The duo, which is similar to their play style and quality, maintains the equivalence in this statistics.

Pelkas in clubs, Bakasetas in national team

Despite the equality of the number of goals, Dimitris Pelkas has an advantage over his citizen according to the signage contribution on the basis of the match played. Pelkas, who scored 61 goals and made 44 assists in 263 games in his club career, had a sign contribution of 0.40 per game. Bakasetas, who fought in 296 games with 61 goals and 38 assists, was behind Pelkas with 0.33 in this statistics.

In national team performances, there is a situation opposite to the line in the club career. Bakasetas, who made the Greek jersey sweat 33 times, scored 2 goals in these matches and gave the final pass to his friends 3 times. Pelkas, who passed the blue-and-white jersey on his back 18 times, failed to make goals or assists with the national jersey.

Both stars had taken time together in their last match where Greece defeated Greek Cypriot side 2-1. Bakasetas, who started the game in the first 11, left his place to Pelkas at the half-time, both players completed the fight without changing the score.

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