Semih Tokatlı, Technical Manager of Aytemiz Alanyaspor, who lost 2-1 against Kasımpaşa, which he faced in the 18th week of the Super League, made a statement at the press conference after the match.

Tokatlı, who said that they prepared the match very well, said, “Unfortunately we are leaving with a defeat. We also congratulate our opponent. We started the game well. We passed with our superiority, but the unfortunate goals we saw in our attack caused us to fall back. We held the match with the penalty goal we scored behind and started the second half more ambitious and ambitious. We did not bring our opponent to the goal, but when we could not evaluate the positions we entered, we were defeated despite the ball remaining with us. We are sorry about this. Our work will develop further in the next weeks.
“The desire to win until the last minute made us happy”

Semih Tokatlı, on the question of how to find a solution to the game of rival teams in order to prevent the loss of points that Alanyaspor has experienced despite having more balls, said, “We will find a solution to this. Failing to find a goal, both the resistance of the opponent increases and there are interactions in your morale and motivation. But the desire to win until the last minute made us happy. But unfortunately we were eventually defeated. And we cannot help thinking that the extra time of the match was 5 minutes ”. >

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