Speaking at the press conference held after the match, Kaplan congratulated the players on the field for their struggle.

Explaining that they took the second half to turn the match by taking risks, Kaplan said:

“There are a lot of things to talk about. When I speak in front of the microphone, there is trouble for the technical guys. Sorry. Sorry for Turkish football. There was a Gençlerbirliği trying to play on the field. Our opponent was trying to play football, I do not overshadow their victory. We fell 2-0 behind in the first half from our individual mistakes. I don’t get angry with any of my footballers. The efforts of these young players should not be lost on the field. Is it the first goal we hit a penalty, whether it is inside or outside, we have to look. VAR, what has given Turkish football. What has it benefited? Our referee friends in VAR, for each team. We work here, we feel sorry when our work is gone with a decision made by VAR. If the decision is correct, we respect it. Wait 3-5 minutes for a VAR decision and a penalty is given. If I were the referee, I would do what I knew. “

Defending that there was a foul before the third goal they ate, Kaplan said, “I don’t speak badly to the referee friends, I respect them. We lost a match that we did not think to lose. Let our referee friends watch England. Little things are not whistled there.” he said.

Stating that the fourth referees did not show any tolerance when they crossed the line on the edge, Kaplan said, “The fourth referee warns on the headset, the referee shows a card, it is not correct. Our duty is to motivate our players from the sidelines. The referee said ‘Trust us’ during the match. I trust the Turkish referees, but Let them go and watch today’s game. No resentment, no resentment. Let them not brake a team that wants to play football. used the expressions.

Emphasizing that they also need a transfer, Kaplan completed his words as follows:

“Berat is not among us anymore. Instead, we have players we look at. We want to reinforce 3-4. Most clubs have financial difficulties. There are players who do not want to come due to the pandemic. Edge striker, midfield, we want number 10. We have 10 days. Our president also has work. We have a very high quality group of players here. I will come to the referees again, but 3 of our players were suspended yellow cards. After the third goal, our 6-7 players were nervous, because of the whistles. Some things need to be fixed in Turkish football. What contribution does VAR have or does not have? Thinks about our elders in Turkish football. “

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