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Galatasaray President Mustafa Cengiz announced the initiation of a donation organization to the club. Cengiz announced that they made the first donation with Abdurrahim Albayrak for 500 thousand TL.
Here are the highlights of Mustafa Cengiz’s statements; I saw a hastagh at night, ‘Sponsor Like a Lion’. The fans opened a topik, the main thing is financial support for Galatasaray. I was very touched. I read the comments. In general, I saw that our fans tried to protect the club and the financial situation.
Thank you to our fans, ‘Sponsor like a lion’ hastaghi was nice. EURO-TL account numbers will be announced. We will explain for donation. There is Socios. We will explain it in SMS. It will be at least 100 TL, not 5 TL. May those who give 5 TL pray, their prayer will lift us up.
As a first support, I donate 500 thousand TL. We will post the values ​​our fans on our site if they have permission. Abdurrahim Albayrak also donates 500 thousand TL. Aga’s hands are not held.
I always expect blessings for Galatasaray. We are for Galatasaray. I was very touched. Let me announce this here. We got the permission for the 1 Billion TL donation campaign last year, it ends in April. We got this permission before anyone else. We did not use this permission.
There were transfer negotiations today. There is a very open range between our power to give and the demands of the other party. We are trying to come to the middle point. I hope we will come to a point. Fans can be sure, we don’t sleep and sleep. Our world is Galatasaray.
This stadium is decorated colorfully, who does it. He leaves his job, his strength, and comes. There is no money from this. Anyone can make mistakes. I am also famous for breaking pot. I guess I haven’t hurt until now.
I have no personal problems with Ali Koç. We can talk for hours without talking football. I don’t like a word he uttered. A transfer, a valuable transfer, a transfer that will increase the brand power of Turkish football. I have no objection. He is a good football player.
However, “Someone is the son of the hand, the son of the house came”. How is it logic? I do not understand. One should not say the son of the house to those who reject the original. Who’s the son of your hand? This is discrimination. Let’s not use this. What will TFF say to this discrimination? He will say whether banana extension is beneficial for health.
We can explain a transfer at any time.

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