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Nino Pinto da Costa, president of Porto, one of the Portuguese Super League teams, made statements about Pepe.

da Costa said for Pepe, who extended his contract with the club in November 2020 until 2023, I think he will play until the age of 42.

Nino Pinto, in an interview with the AS Newspaper, said, “We had 4 major players whose contracts ended at the beginning of this season: Pepe, Sergio Oliveira, Otavio and Moussa Marega. We have decided to renew their contracts for all of these players. I decided that the first name to be renewed should be Pepe. “ said.


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President of Porto, who said that Pepe is passionate about Porto, “Everyone knows what Pepe means to Porto. I know what he could achieve if he went to a club abroad instead of returning to Porto. He returned because of his passion for Porto. Many thought he could play a maximum of 1 more years, but he signed a 2-year contract, which means he could play for more than 2 years. this is a remarkable thing for a defender. “.

38-year-old Pepe, who played 28 official matches with Porto this season, enjoyed two goals.

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