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A 26-year-old boy died in the sad incident in Izmir, in the morning. Atakan İldem (26), who was left in the hospital garden after being shot in the neck by an unidentified person or persons, could not be saved despite the interventions made. The large-scale investigation launched into the death of the young man continues.

According to the allegation, at around 05:30 yesterday, an unknown person or persons fled to the Health Sciences University Tepecik Training and Research Hospital yesterday, leaving a wounded person. The injured who were treated at the hospital could not be saved despite all the interventions of the doctors. It was determined that Atakan İldem was the person who was seriously injured as a result of a bullet hit in his neck and died in the hospital. Following the prosecutor’s investigation Ildemar lifeless body Izmir Institute of Forensic Medicine morgue has been removed.

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On the other hand, the police launched an investigation into the incident. Within the scope of the investigation, teams of the Homicide Bureau Headquarters affiliated with the Public Security Branch started a study to identify the suspects who fled after shooting İldem and leaving it in the hospital garden. It was learned that Ildem’s funeral was taken from the morgue of Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute by his relatives yesterday at noon and was buried in Pınarbaşı Cemetery. Investigation into the incident continues.

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