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These words of the tension created noted that Gunay, “our competitors are all valuable to us. I just Fenerbahce manager is not possible for us to accept words like dealing with Galatasaray community consumables as hypocritical. I reproach it to managers who represent a large community of Turkey. We managers have to pay attention to our words. Otherwise, we cannot see that sports are carried out in peace and brotherhood, people fall against each other. I can understand, there is a psychological situation caused by defeat, but we will be patient, we will pay attention. “ said.

Noting that there are people who should not be in the tribune, the manager, “We encountered cursing in Galiz, everyone should oppose this. Where does hypocrisy come from here? It is necessary to get additional supporters, to recruit actors under the name of healthcare workers and to punish the curses. First, the legal requirements must be completed. should. “ said.

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Expressing his views on Arda Turan’s abusive cheer in the dressing room, Yusuf Günay said, “Arda Turan’s words, his words in a private setting. We do not approve of him either, so there is no need to compare it. If not shared, nobody will know. . “ used expressions.

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