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Sivasspor coach Rıza Çalımbay spoke after the match they defeated Karabakh 3-2 in the UEFA Europa League.

Çalımbay, who can only give 4 players due to the deficiencies in the bench, “I am proud of my team. Believe us, we could not tell anyone, even the goalkeepers were put on the form, we were so lacking, we could get into the game. It was a good match for us. After scoring the 3rd goal. printing ate good but we have survived. in terms of points we needed to win for Turkey. Group no longer depends on us. I am proud of a friend, so the absence despite they played very well. also Alia, had made Samassa on the form. Midfield We never had. Match In the 20th minute, when Robin also came out, we were in a worse situation, and when Isaac was cast, there was nobody. said.

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Reacting to the league being played with 21 teams, the technical man, said: “We will play our hardest match with Villarreal, we will play that game separately. Our only fear is injury and playing the league match. We will play an important match 2 days after the league match, I hope we will train Yatabare to the Göztepe match and the Villarreal match. There may be a few more people, it is very difficult to take both matches. After that, we are already going to Trabzon, it is very difficult. . If any other time, there should be 25-30 teams, let’s finish in August, but now they will have to end by May 15. They will get squeezed as they get out of the group.

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